The country of choice, the workplace of choice

The technical intern training system, which has a bad reputation, is finally being reviewed.
After one year of employment, you will be able to change the corporate facility where you work.
Both facilities and foreign workers have the right to choose.
It’s obvious though.
There are foreign technical intern trainees who come to Japan using the technical intern training program and then disappear.
I think it is also our responsibility as Japanese people to accept this.
A young man came to Japan, entrusting his life to Japan.
They borrow money, pay large sums of money to referral agencies, and come to Japan to work.
He also sends a portion of his salary to his family in his home country.
For Koyama G, this young man is exactly what Koyama G is in the field of medical welfare.
Have them participate in freshers festivals and all kinds of training and events.
Eventually, I will be asked to become a foreign member of the Team Care Society.
When I return to my home country, I will spread the nursing care and team care that I learned at Koyama G in my home country.
He is a caregiver for Koyama and an evangelist of Japanese culture.
If a facility takes care of its technical intern trainees, it is natural that the Japanese staff will take good care of it as well.
Koyama Group may value technical intern trainees more than Japanese people.
However, caring for the weak should be the root of welfare.
If this continues, Japan will become a country that will not be chosen.
Koyama G wants to be a workplace that is chosen by employees and technical interns rather than users.
Is it strange?
Employees first, customers second.
As a business owner, my customers are all of my employees.
Once in a while, let’s go to the movie theater or Disney together.
I also need compensation and vacation.
Let’s work together and create wonderful memories for life together.
I want that to be the life of my comrades working in Koyama.
Of course, for me too.
I think caring for your exhausted teammates is also part of team care.
I also hope that the staff members will be encouraged.
There are times when I feel that way, even if I get scolded for being too nice.
Because he’s an old man.
At least, he’s an early elderly person.

Pulse oximeter 99/99/99
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 157

Early Elderly Staff
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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