30% or more female executives

The government’s Gender Equality Council has recommended that companies make their board members 30% or more women by 2030.
The financial world also made a similar announcement.
This is the new growth strategy, the key to sustainable capitalism, and it seems to promote the active participation of diverse people.
Well, how is Koyama G?
When I looked it up, the ratio of female directors and councilors of medical corporations and social welfare corporations exceeded 40%.
I expected more.
Organizations in which more than 30% of employees are women are predominantly run by women.
So is Rotary.
Women are more vocal and active.
Furthermore, women have a stronger sense of justice.
At least when it comes to women who become executives.
Men are more opportunistic, weathervane, and try to fit in with the air.
Look at your boss’ face.
Avoid sparks.
It’s a pity, but Koyama G has developed with the power of female executives who have a sense of responsibility and the ability to take action.
This is because women empathize with the feelings of her subordinates, not the face of the manager.
For some reason, I feel that men think about their own position and responsibility before the site.
I think it’s a male-only big company disease.
Since I am a man, I admit it with self-criticism.
But that’s why the future of Koyama G is bright.
Yesterday, I visited the facility in Hamamatsu for the first time in three years.
I was impressed by the photo of the introduction of staff members with overflowing smiles on the wall.
I was also happy with the eel that was served at noon after a long time.

Pulse oximeter 98/99/98
Body temperature 36.0 Blood sugar 166

Aspiring hairdresser’s husband
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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