Hot pot party

What is something that makes you sad when you eat it alone, but is fun when you eat it with a group?
I think it’s a pot.
When I was a student, I drank all night at my friend’s boarding house and made a pot of cabbage, corned beef and tuna to accompany sake.
Fun, the soup worked for my hangover.
When I was in my thirties, I lived in a town in the area of heavy snowfall in Niigata for one winter and one month.
She once lived alone in an apartment in a town with heavy snowfall in order to build a health checkup center at a ski resort.
If you open the window, the snow is piled up as far as you can reach.
When I put my hand out the window, I caught the snow.
Not cold. I learned a snow country language called root snow.
Scoop the snow with a small one-person hand pan and melt it on the kotatsu stove.
In the pot, I put miso, mochi, and spinach that I bought at a nearby agricultural cooperative supermarket.
Also, I spent almost a month on sake alone.
I slept with my feet in the kotatsu.
I couldn’t go back to Tokyo on weekends, so I was alone looking at the hand-made hot pot on the kotatsu.
It was painful, lonely, and I missed the neon lights of Ginza.
It was a long story, but in the end the medical examination center was not built, and the first health care facility for the elderly was established in the town.
That was the beginning of the history of Koyama G, which started from the Ginza Hospital and started to build nursing homes in rural areas.
Yesterday, at the Ginza office, we had a basic management meeting at the end of the month.
Online, I connected with the whole country and heard the forecast of each corporation’s financial results.
In Corona, the decline in revenue is inevitable.
However, we are staying within a range that does not result in a deficit.
I can only feel that I am fighting.
I have nothing but gratitude for the staff.
However, new facilities continue to open.
The Ginza staff are also busier during the closing month.
Friday is pizza lunch party day.
Various kinds of pizza and chocolate cake are spread out on the table.
It is said that he will go all the way to Ginza 1-chome to buy pizza.
If you pick it up instead of having it delivered, it will be half the price.
I was surprised. Are you understaffed here?
Anyway, the staff in the office seems to be having fun.
I also tasted each pizza one by one and was sick to my stomach for half a day.
I think everyone was like that.
Recently, Shokado bento lunches at meetings have been extravagant and delicious, but pizza parties are fun for everyone.
Eating pizza alone tastes like loneliness.
This round pizza is the hot pot of young people in Ginza.
A cheese fondue pot?
Pizza was scheduled for an event in March, but due to its popularity, we will continue in April.
I have to review the budget for next term.

Pulse oximeter 96/97/97
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 232

Emperor of Dark Pot
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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