Welfare evacuation center outside the prefecture

The opening of welfare evacuation centers is facing difficulties.
No wonder.
All are assumed to be within the prefecture.
The disaster-stricken areas themselves cannot afford to do so.
Administrative personnel within the prefecture are mainly responsible.
Local government employees are always busy.
Even so, staffing levels are at the limit as usual.
To put it bluntly, the government tries to manage things by itself.
We try to deal with matters within the prefecture only within the prefecture.
There is no way the elderly, disabled, and pregnant women can live in a place like a gymnasium.
It is unreasonable to try to provide secondary evacuation shelters within the prefecture alone.

Just receiving and arranging the supplies sent from all over the country is difficult.
I have experience with Koyama G’s facilities, so I know them well.
Many items are sent to us that are useless and have no choice but to be thrown away.
It takes a lot of effort to sort out where to distribute it and to distribute it.
Old clothes are put into one cardboard box by both men and women, regardless of age.
The volunteers who came to support us are also human beings.
You must provide a place for the person to stay, food, and a toilet.
For some reason, the government tries to control all of the distribution.
Both administrative personnel and medical and welfare workers are local victims of the disaster.
Victims are exhausted both physically and mentally.
they are fully patient.

Their condition is such that they can be admitted to hospitals nationwide.
Isn’t Japan a country with universal health insurance?
I think elderly people should go to a geriatric health facility.
There is no need to wait for administrative arrangements or instructions.
Patients can be admitted to nursing care beds, convalescent rehabilitation hospitals, and geriatric health facilities anywhere in the country.
Individuals can apply to hospital facilities.
I’m worried about coronavirus clusters at evacuation centers.
Influenza is also prevalent.
Nationwide, hospital occupancy rates and nursing care facility occupancy rates are declining.
There are enough bets to accept.

What is lacking is manpower and money.
As for the money, let’s expand the corona interest-free loan.
The country has extra money.
What we lack is manpower.
Volunteers are encouraged to go and support local hospital facilities.
I can afford the part-time expenses.
Koyama G accepts.

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