Distant kindergarten

Taisei-kun went to kindergarten.
(kun is a prefex used for young males)
A mammoth kindergarten affiliated with a women’s university that Mama graduated from.
From elementary school, only women can go to school, but for some reason, boys can also attend kindergarten.
No, it’s not good to have a kindergarten that specializes in girls, and maybe boys were needed to some extent.
Since we don’t have enough boys, we will naturally gather mainly children of graduates.
My younger sister also entered the women’s college from kindergarten and advanced to university.
Mothers and sisters are graduates of the university, and only men enter the kindergarten, and from elementary school go on to the entrance examination school.
I went to public elementary school, junior high school, and metropolitan high school in Chiyoda Ward.
Ever since that time, I have been envious of my younger sister, who grew up in a relaxed manner.
Putting aside university entrance exams, the competition between elementary, junior high and high school students is brutal.
I think it would be better to be more generous.
This is because, in order to enter this kindergarten, Yasunari-kun had attended a preparatory school for preschools near the kindergarten in advance.
I don’t think his parents were enthusiastic about education, but her mother somehow wanted her eldest son to go to her alma mater’s kindergarten.
It may have been asked by a kindergarten teacher who was an alumnus.
Anyway, I went to that distant kindergarten.
At that time, I think it took about an hour by train from my home to the kindergarten.
In the morning, my dad dropped me off in his car on his way to work.
Mama will come pick me up on the way home.
She was able because she was a stay-at-home mom.
Times have changed now.
Ideally, the nursery school should be within 500 meters of the child’s home.
Proper placement can be difficult.
I think the only way to maintain it is as a complex welfare education center with other welfare facilities attached to it, rather than an independent nursery school or kindergarten.
I still remember my mother from afar coming to pick me up.
Come to think of it, I think she was fashionable every day.
She remembered that on the way home, she had fried rice at Fujiya.
It seems that the well of memories of life has not dried up yet.

Pulse oximeter 99/98/98
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 179

Mom knows everything. My dad is number on in the world
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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