Technical intern training system abolished

The Technical Intern Training Program was a system in the past when Japan was far ahead of Asia in the manufacturing industry than it is now.
When the factory of a Japanese company advances into Asia, in order to educate the factory workers in that country, they will work in the Japanese factory and teach the technology.
For that reason, I will have you work in Japan.
As an employee, you also get paid.
The entrance, tatemae is education. Workers inside.
Foreigners who came to Japan were mostly seeking higher wages than those in their own countries.
Some even send money back to their families in their own country.
Some relatives borrowed money and attended a Japanese language school before coming to Japan.
I have to send money and repay the debt.
However, Japan does not have much of an advantage.
The current Japanese income is not so high, and the depreciation of the yen has made it even less attractive.
The idea of buying cheap Asian labor from an advantageous position is wrong, and it no longer exists.
From now on, only people who really want to work in Japan and who like Japan will come to Japan.
It is the same as studying abroad for students.
Only those who say they like Japanese culture will come to Japan, and it will not last.
Koyama G has several hundred technical intern trainees and specific skilled workers.
Koyama guarantees the same treatment as Japanese people, so word of mouth is increasing.
We are currently planning to build a dormitory exclusively for Vietnamese people.
He has promised his staff that within five years he will also elect foreign nationals to the board.
Teaching is important, but so is learning.
Mutual cultural exchange is the basis.
In fact, young workers in the field say that they learn a lot from the trainees.
A sincere attitude to study and work seriously and diligently.
growing together.
Japanese nursing care should not forget the attitude of learning from the world.
Medicine is science, but nursing care is culture.
From now on, I would like to accept foreign students from universities in both nursing and medicine.

Pulse oximeter 99/99/98
Body temperature 36.3 Blood sugar 198

Nursing care is culture
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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