Extension of childcare leave benefits

In order to extend their childcare leave benefits, an increasing number of families deliberately apply to nursery schools that are difficult to get into, only to be rejected and have their childcare leave benefits extended.

It seems that some local governments are encouraging this.

If there is a childcare leave benefit, why is there no family care leave benefit system?

During the debate over the establishment of long-term care insurance, there was an opinion that if cash payments were made to families, the responsibility for their care would fall to their wives.

Back then, there may have been some families with children living with their in-laws, but now I think there are almost no families where the in-laws live together.

At least, that’s the case in the city.

I think there are almost no large families in Japan anymore.

However, if there is a caregiver leave benefit, there may be family members who can provide care.

A similar system exists for people with disabilities.

The family receives benefits and is caring for the child at home.

Why isn’t there only care for the elderly?

At that time, society should take care of women instead of forcing them on their wives.

I think that logic was correct at the time.

However, we live in a society where labor shortages are becoming more prevalent.

It is better to have more variety in the way services are provided.

It is not a bad thing for families to be able to provide childcare and nursing care on their own.

There will also be cash payments.

The number of children who are withdrawn from society is increasing.

The same applies to compulsory education.

I think society is not just about schools and facilities.

The number of monster families that unilaterally impose their restrictions on daycare centers, schools, and nursing care facilities is also increasing.

Under the current system, cooperation, understanding, and mutual respect between families and facilities are on the brink of collapse.

I think it would be a good idea to reconsider how we use our tax dollars.

As a facility manager, I have recently come to realize this.

If you disagree with my opinion, please come and see the scene.

Politicians, officials, and families.

And the media too.

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