Immerse yourself in online explanations

During my days off, I had the habit of lying in bed and reading.

Lately, his eyes are getting tired, so he only listens to the voices of commentators on YouTube.

Main fields are politics, economics, film, and art.

However, I felt that it was dangerous to listen to this all the time.

It is easy to be influenced by the extreme opinions of the advocate.

It’s the same as listening to other people’s gossip and becoming accustomed to easy prejudice.

The speaker has a clear standing position.

And he confidently asserts extreme value judgments.

It’s the same as a street speech during an election in a virtual space.

It’s easy to get carried away by the speed and pace of the speaker.

Virtual spaces may all have the same dangers.

After all, when it comes to reading, you have to put in the effort yourself.

You need to keep your own pace and chew.

If you get lost, you can just put down your book and take a rest.

YouTube is easy because you can be passive at the other person’s pace.

But it feels like it’s being unilaterally drilled into my head.

Still, it’s convenient to be able to hear the opinions of many people without having to meet them.

But maybe that’s not a good thing.

There are many hurdles to meeting in person.

First, you have to go where the other person is.

Hospital meetings, politicians’ breakfasts, Rotary luncheons, evening parties, and concerts.

I show my face frequently without saying no.

At previews, you don’t just watch the movie, you also get to meet critics and people from the film company who are interested in the movie.

You can meet the person in person and hear their story.

The way you digest the information is quite different from learning it through videos or in print.

In fact, there’s a difference between actually traveling and watching travel programs on TV.

Of course.

I have now stopped going out alone.

If I lives a long time,eventually I will be taken care of by a nursing home or hospital in Koyama G.

I want to live my dream of living in a shelter and become one of the Seven Sages of the Bamboo Forest.

I would like to live a happy old age, but it looks like I have a little more time until that day.

Eventually, I will be living in a hotel in Ginza.

Before that, I would like to travel around the country to visit Koyama G facilities in a camper.

At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, he took off in a helicopter.

They flew from Tokyo to the facility in Kesennuma in two and a half hours.

Please refrain from using helicopters.

I am not a hawk looking down from the sky.

I wander through the grasslands and look up at the sky, wondering if it’s a horse or a sheep.

The guard dog that protects the flock from wolves is called Good Sheep.

There are good sheep in Koyama G as well.

Lawyers, accountants, tax accountants, architects, advisors.

Information obtained online will be shared with the members and discussed.

Of course, the decision is mine.

Pulse oximeter 96/97/96

Body temperature 36.5 Blood sugar 166

Bedridden Udon Life

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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