1.5th evacuation shelter

Secondary evacuation centers are hotels and inns.
The 1.5th evacuation center was set up at the sports center.
Priority will be given to the elderly and people with disabilities.
Looking at the photo, you can see that the gymnasium is packed with one-person tents.
Even being alone in a tent is better than just using a cardboard screen.
There will be toilets, running water, and electricity available.
However, I would like them to be moved to a secondary evacuation center sooner than in 1.5.
For victims of wide-area disasters, the first thing to do is to flee to other prefectures.
The idea is to move to a hotel, nursing home, or hotel there.
Self-Defense Force ferries were also dispatched.

However, that ship was also replaced with one night stay per person.
You can only take a short break by taking a bath or shower.
If that’s the case, I would like passenger ships and ferries to come from all over the country.
We also want the victims to be transported to safe, long-term living towns in other prefectures.
A prefecture is not a country.
If you look at the Great East Japan Earthquake, it takes years to recover from a wide-area disaster.
To be honest, there are some places that cannot be restored.
First of all, it is wiser to aim for long-term living accommodation from the beginning rather than short-term evacuation.
It reminded me of the Doshu system (the regional system in Japan), which merged prefectures, which was debated in the past.
Only Hokkaido calls itself a road.

How about taking this opportunity to become Hokuriku?
Thinking about impossible things is a bad habit of schoolchildren.
Those who were in nursing homes have been moved to nursing homes in other prefectures.
Those who were hospitalized were transferred to hospitals in other prefectures.
At the sports center, it’s a short-term event after all.

2.We need 5th level hospital facilities.
In other prefectures.
Rather than going to help, let’s welcome the victims.
Warm and medical care provided.
Online medical treatment has also started.
Koyama G will also prepare online nutritional guidance.

Pulse oximeter 98/97/97
Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 138

Aim for 2.5th place in the region and shift the organizational frame
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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