Medical Welfare Quantum

I believe that health and welfare are two very different things.
Sometimes I feel like it’s water and oil.
Medicine is logical, objective and scientific.
Welfare is emotional, cultural and religious.
Looking at society from a different perspective.
Their positions, goals, values, and languages are all different.
Some sides have different cuts.
However, it is sometimes collectively referred to as medical welfare.
This is because both of them are perspectives, values, and elements that are important to society, to administration, to thought, and to society, and are essential to human beings.
I compare human dignity to light.
human optics. Human rights quantum theory.
Let’s say that medical welfare is a ray of hope.
Light is a wave, a wave, and a particle.
Medicine is the particle that strikes the disease.
Like radiation striking cancer cells.
Welfare is a warm wind, a wave of human warmth.
In other words, waves.
Medical welfare is the particle of medical care and the wave of welfare.
This is Koyama’s medical welfare quantum mechanics.
Let’s call it the relativity theory of medical welfare.
It is a delusion in anesthesia during an endoscopy.
From medical welfare cooperation to integration.
Absolutely contradictory self-identity between ideal thought and realization.
It may be my fault that I go to this kind of thinking.
Anyway, there is only practice rather than delusion.
Next year’s strategy plan will be announced soon.
The nautical drawings are ready.
cross the Pacific.

Pulse oximeter 98/99/99
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 239

Full speed forward
CEOS Yasunari Koyama


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