Ginza Agricultural Cooperative

Ginza Agricultural Cooperative Ginza Honey Bee is not just about beekeeping.

Potatoes are grown in planters on the roof of a building in Ginza.

It’s not for the roasted sweet potato.

The potatoes are used to brew shochu.

The brewing is done by a long-established shochu maker in Kyushu, so don’t worry.

This means that the yeast’s DNA was born in Ginza.

Sake rice is grown on the rooftop of a famous sake maker in Ginza.

It started with farming on the roof of a building in Ginza.

But now it is spreading across the country.

It is also spreading to universities and farms.

Every year, the farming team that can harvest the largest potato is awarded an award every year in a competition based on the weight of each potato.

Yesterday was the awards ceremony for the Imorympics.

I also gave a speech and offered the participants shochu brewed from sweet potatoes grown on the roof of the Koyama G headquarters building as a souvenir.

At first, they made 25% shochu and bottled it in champagne bottles to give as gifts.

It was very well received.

This year, it was bottled at 38 degrees.

Both bottles are stylish.

I gave a greeting at the venue.

This is made by the Koyama Medical Welfare Group, so it is strictly for medical use.

25 degrees is for gargling.

38 degrees is for disinfection.

We will give this to everyone as a preventive medicine against coronavirus.

However, no insurance card is required.

Don’t give in to the coronavirus and enjoy Ginza.

I think everyone enjoyed it.

The next project was also announced.

Apparently, if seven farmers gather together, they can apply for an agricultural cooperative.

Just like that, Ginza Honey Bee is farming in seven buildings in Ginza.

In that case, the Ginza building members could form an agricultural cooperative.

I heard that the former Prime Minister also agreed.

We want to rely on not only medical associations and hospital associations, but also agricultural cooperatives.

Next year, applications may be delivered directly to the Agriculture and Forestry Minister’s Office.

I would like to receive your support in order to be accepted.

Pulse oximeter 98/97/97

Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 193

Clear and rainy reading day

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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