The person Koyama hires

It was decided to remake the pamphlet for recruiting new graduates, and a discussion session was held with first-year recruits and students.
A question from a student asked what kind of human resources Koyama G was looking for.
It’s always a legitimate question.
I’m sure the university’s employment counselor also taught me.
I always answer:
What Koyama G is looking for is you.
You came here today because you longed for a job in the medical welfare field.
Koyama is a community that values the individuality of its staff and realizes what they want to do.
Koyama G is not a brick castle.
The stones of Japanese castle ruins are the same as nature, no stone is the same.
However, when these differently shaped stones overlap well, they become incredibly strong.
I will not cut you into the same shape.
I want you to come to Koyama G with your current personality and hopes as they are.
Koyama G will not paint you the same color.
You guys will change the color of Koyama.
Just by you joining Koyama G, the center of gravity of the future Koyama will change.
It’s not what Koyama wants, it’s whether you want Koyama.
Koyama is wide.
You will surely find a port, a ship, suitable for you.
If you can’t find one, build a new ship yourself.
Koyama can do that.
I may be the ship’s owner, but you are the crew.
And eventually you can become a captain.
You are the ones who protect the ship.
I am but a shipowner on land.
The voyage of adventure is yours.
It is Koyama who carves out his own life by himself.
For ambitious people, Koyama is a rewarding workplace.
I don’t choose
It’s up to you whether you choose Koyama or not.
If possible, I would like you to choose me.
That’s why I’m here to meet you today as well.
Do you have any question.
I will answer
It is rare for a student to ask a question on the spot after I say this, but I always tell the same story.
As a result, 400 new graduates join the company every year.
These employees are my customers.
I don’t know if you will be satisfied, but I want you to live a life that you can be satisfied with.
I want you to continue working for the rest of your life and beyond retirement age.
Koyama G is a hospital where you want your parents to be, and a nursing home where you want to be.
And a nursery school where you want to put your children and grandchildren.
There is also company housing.
Encouraged by my seniors and juniors, I protect people’s lives.
Above all, make yourself happy.
If you become unhappy, you have no right to make others happy.
Yes, it’s been 40 years since his father taught him.
While saying so, he took a commemorative photo with the attendees.
The one who is coming is the same suit as the time of shooting 10 years ago.
My hair has turned white and, to be honest, it’s a little tight.
The pin badge is an anchor.
With a message to raise the anchor of the ship at the start of the voyage as a member of society.

Pulse oximeter 96/97/97
Body temperature 36.4 blood sugar 214 after meals

Flying from Ginza
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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