Japanese crafts and Contemporary art

Until Corona happened, I used to visit the main art museums in Tokyo almost every month.
When I said I was going around, I spent the whole day looking around the museums in that area.
Ueno alone has six museums.
Even if you walk fast, there is no time to rest.
It is a museum triathlon.
First, do a field survey of what you are doing.
Roppongi, Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kyobashi, and Shiodome are central cities, so there are places you can go in half a day.
Museum walks, Wandervogel, hiking.
Sometimes I am invited to the opening day of the exhibition, but on that day, I come and go over the head of the invitee.
If you like an exhibition, go see it again and again.
If you have 30 minutes, enter.
Same as watching a movie.
I’m sure he likes the environment of an art museum, just like a movie theater.
I don’t use the restaurant very often.
Occupied by female customers, noisy, not my go to place.
We recommend the library inside the museum.
There are rare books of expensive art.
Even if you stay all day, you won’t get bored.
But I couldn’t go because of Corona.
I don’t like admission reservations.
In the mood at that time, jump in.
I also do hashigo.
Not a bar.
Go when your heart wants, when you want.
It’s different from the art you have at home or near your workplace.
I feel like I am traveling far away.
A journey of the heart in search of art.
A wandering journey to a foreign country.
Values different from yourself, a world different from usual, a flight to a foreign land.
He used to like contemporary art, but recently he has taken a strong interest in Japanese crafts such as ceramics and lacquerware.
Rather than displaying them in museums, I wondered if it would be possible to leave them alive in everyday life.
Not as a preservation, but as an evolution to the future.
If you don’t use it everyday from childhood, you won’t develop interest or aesthetic sense.
Also, if the industry does not survive, manufacturing will not be maintained.
A genius writer cannot be born alone.
It cannot be maintained without a large number of users and manufacturers.
Crafts are both an industry and the culture of the people’s lives.
It’s not the hobby of rich old men.
Nor is it nostalgia.
The creation of contemporary art blooms on the foundation of the long history and culture of traditional crafts.
Yes, I started thinking.
With craftsmanship, a new world-class beauty is born.
But the cup for rinsing your teeth in the morning is a plastic souvenir from the bank.
The tableware and cups that I usually use are all sturdy.
I eat breakfast in the kitchen while watching TV news while standing.
The first step is to get back into the habit of sitting at the table and eating slowly.
There is no doubt that reviewing my own life is a priority.

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Art Director
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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