The twisted me

A person with a twisted personality is called a twisted person.

It was a long time ago, so I don’t listen to it anymore.

If the hairs on your head curls tend to curl to the right, it is said that they used to make fun of people who`s hair spin counter-clockwise.

I don’t listen to it anymore because it’s a type of slander.

I seem to have another left-handed whirl on the back of my head, and when I cut my hair short, it stands up at the back.

It used to bother me when I was a child, but now I have the fine hair of an old man and I don’t have the energy to stand up.

In fact, since my hair has become thinner, I keep my hair long and wear it back.

When I couldn’t go to the barber and my hair got longer, I wanted to grow it longer and make it look like Yui Masayuki, but I thought that a fat Yui Masayuki wouldn’t look good on me, so my ambition remained unfulfilled.

The face I see in the mirror in the morning when I take off my glasses looks exactly like my father.

I feel like my father is talking to me.

When I writes this diary, I is remembering my father, so it can be said that my father spirit has taken over me.

My father left all management matters to me and he didn’t say anything.

He always said that medicine belongs to the individual doctor.

This is the philosophy of doctors from the era of red-bearded doctors before team medicine.

He only talked to people who were said to be excellent doctors.

He didn’t believe in them.

He was always strict with doctors.

They would have ignored the current work style reforms.

I think he was a good doctor at that time who was respected by his patients.

Doctors who become workers lose the respect of their patients.

Will doctors be able to maintain their motivation at that time?

After all, the reward won’t go up any further.

If we were told that bureaucrats, teachers, and researchers are all workers, wouldn’t we lose motivation?

I wonder if the word “holy" has disappeared.

The old man’s name is written as Seido.

Pronounced as Masamichi.

All of his classmates from his first high school days called his father Seidou.

I often made fun of my father, saying he had a name that meant he had to be a pastor or a doctor.

Guo Yu Xiaosheng is Yasunari and Yasunari.

This is a name that doesn’t look good unless it’s a successful business.

After I retire, I want my name to be read as Kozan Taisei.

Before sunrise, the sound of keys seeps into the wall

Pulse oximeter 96/97/98

Body temperature 36.6 Postprandial blood sugar 260

Master representative Yasunari Koyama


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