Team care academic conference

Yesterday was the annual team care conference.
Hundreds of people are participating via Zoom.
Although it is an academic conference unique to Koyama G, it covers all aspects of medical nursing care and childcare.
This year is the 8th year.
I feel like my wrinkles are getting better every year.
From the beginning, the president of the university was a university professor of business administration.
Communication and networks are necessary to foster team care.
That’s why I thought that management know-how was also necessary.
I think that was correct.
Medical care is science, and nursing care is culture.
At the academic conference, I would like to learn about the nature of medical academic conferences, and eventually give presentations at medical academic conferences.
Once again, we asked a doctor in Ginza to read the published paper.
I think it was a huge burden.
I would like to thank you on behalf of the staff.
Today’s impression is that nursing care is necessary for the aging population, and medical care is necessary for the increasingly severe nursing care.
Integration and collaboration of medical care and nursing care will become increasingly necessary from now on.
In order to integrate medical, welfare, and child care facilities, it is necessary to integrate staff recruitment and education.
Breaking down the walls between medical care and nursing care.
Bridging the deep chasm between medical care and nursing care.
We also aim to integrate nursing care and childcare education.
Aiming for system reform without being bound by preconceptions.
Today is the Koyama G40th anniversary ceremony.
After 40 years, we are making a new start.
Aim for a new mountain.
Forty years ago, I was 28 years old.
I can’t go back to those years, nor do I want to.
There are many painful and frustrating memories.
Today, I want to look at being 68 years old.
Pulse oximeter 96/97/96
Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 170

CEO Yasunari Koyama, now 68 years old


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