Feelings are overflowing

My head is empty.
That’s why I get anxious if I don’t have access to some kind of knowledge or information all the time.
I can’t stand silence or a space without stimulation.
That’s why I prefer places with natural information stimulation, such as movie theaters and concert halls.
I also leave the TV on in the house.
Bring an LCD TV into the bathroom as well.
I sometimes wonder if there really is an independent self.
I feel more at ease when I’m with a large group of staff and visitors.
I’m always looking for a sense of unity.
I wouldn’t be able to bear the thought of climbing a mountain alone.
It is not possible for such a lonely person who is weak against loneliness to be able to adapt to others.
By this point, we can begin to understand the loneliness and selfishness of the old man.
I also continue to read a lot of books.
Elementary school student Yasunari has read most of the books in his elementary school library.
For six years I borrowed one book every day.
I was able to do it because the commute to school was a long distance, which took an hour and a half.
I loved biographies of great people and illustrated encyclopedias.
During summer vacation, junior high school student Yasunari picked up all the science books at the local library.
It’s a shame that I can’t say that he called me.
High school student Yasunari has read all of Iwanami Shinsho.
From then on, I fell in love with social science.
I am a trivia expert.
Come to think of it, on his way home from school, I always stopped by the bookstore to look for new books.
I think I distanced himself from living humans because of that.
To be honest, I didn’t have any friends.
I was holed up in a bookstore.
Even after becoming a working adult, he still hangs out at movie theaters and art museums all day long.
I used to drink at bars alone late at night.
I wasn’t so cool as to be solitary, and was simply afraid of being hurt by people.
I also read while listening to classical music.
An empty head and a painful heart.
Whenever I write this diary, I feel like I’m looking at my own face in the mirror, and a lot of things overflow from my heart.
Is it full or do you want to replace it with a new wine?
It’s easier to think that I’m just getting old.
After all, humans are just small ships floating on the waves.
Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 196

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