Koyama family principle

Family-oriented culture is not uncommon in small and medium-sized companies, but it is difficult to be family-oriented in a company with 14,000 employees.
However, Koyama G values family-oriented principles first and foremost.
He values opportunities for staff to interact across the country.
He also attended long service ceremonies and facility construction schedule meetings.
I sometimes participate via Zoom, but I try to participate in person whenever possible.
I also try to attend training sessions, even if only for a short time.
There will be a facility manager training session today as well.
Since we have all taken the trouble to gather at the headquarters, I would like to make some opening remarks.
It’s difficult to keep it short.
Meetings and training sessions take up too much of my time and schedules go awry.
Once I start talking, I have a hard time stopping.
Until someone stops me.
Since we were able to meet, I have to say something now, I have to convince you, I have to make you feel that way.
Unable to calm down, the story became long.
So, if I have a meeting where I don’t have time, I ask that I speak last.
Without me, the meeting would end so quickly that there would be time left.
I’m wondering if this is also the case.
I think there will be more to talk about.
It may be no use saying that this is the impatience of an old man, but there are many things that are entrusted to the staff.
This diary may be the same.
Today, I will be meeting with people working from home at a conference.
long time no see.
The family principle that I advocate is for employees to live happily with their families without being exhausted.
That is Koyama’s management goal and value of existence.
The sales goal is to continue Koyama G.
Employees’ families come first, work second.
Earn your own money and spend it on what you want to do.
Next year’s Freshers Festival will be held for 2 nights and 3 days at Disney C Plus Disneyland.
The budget will double.
Incorporate that budget into next year’s business plan.
I think that’s what the business plan is for.
In the end, the idea is to increase profits by that amount.
Everyone agrees to this, and it becomes a reality by implementing it.
I feel proud to work at Koyama.
I want to become a business entity that says that.
There’s no point in being the only one who feels like it.
A Fukushima corporation distributed grapes to Koyama G nursery schools across the country.
This is also an important aspect of Koyama’s family-oriented approach.
I immediately received a photo of a happy kindergartener.
I can’t help but be happy about something like this.
Family happiness lies in daily life.
I’m not hoping for anything great.
My lonely feelings make me cherish the small, everyday events.
We work hard because we want to share that little bit of happiness with our families.
Because he is lonely, he values the happiness of his small family.
A proud and worthy mission is simply the result of the lives of happy friends.
That’s what I think as I fight, but sometimes things happen that break my heart.
That, too, is my life as a manager.
That’s why the comfort of my friends is so important, and I’m grateful for it.
The good thing about becoming older is that I have become able to accept people’s comfort.
It may just be that I have become weaker, but at least I can say that I have reached a stage of acceptance.
It may be the first step towards dementia, but I have come to see my blurriness as God’s salvation.
Koyama is warm and warm to everyone.
Also for managers.
thank you.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99
Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 153

Mannen, eldest son
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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