Ideal tax nation

It is an honor and a blessing to be able to pay a lot of taxes.
However, it is true that if the income is too high, the motivation to increase income will decrease.
From a payer’s perspective, the ideal rate is 30%.
Income tax is 10%.
Consumption tax is 10%. This makes it easy to calculate when paying for shopping.
Medical insurance and nursing care insurance account for a total of 10%.
Add that up to 30%.
However, the current situation is that this is not enough for the national finances.
However, if 50% is taken as tax the people feel that they are being taken advantage of, I think it is an act of exploitation.
I want to ask for your mercy and forgiveness, Lord Commander.
I think it was 50% or 70% during the Edo period.
However, I think it was written in a management book that office workers should earn three times the salary they receive.
If citizens are employees of the state, the state as a company cannot sustain itself financially unless they pay taxes on up to 30% of their income.
I can’t accept that because I think it will be taken away, so why not donate it to a place of your own choosing?
Currently, donations to organizations that contribute to society are allowed to be deducted up to 45% of income.
It would be good for everyone to donate to charities and public works.
How about donating to a nursery school, school, hospital, or nursing care facility that takes care of you?
For those who can afford to live.
I don’t have any children, so when I see staff members raising children, I think they should donate at least that much to society.
As for where to donate, we are currently donating to Koyama G’s nursery school and mother and child facility.
For the children who will lead the next generation and their parents who are working hard.
Someday, the next generation will take care of me too.
I am relying on you.

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