Luxury seat

Large-scale movie theaters in the city center are becoming more like concert halls as well as cinema complexes.
Loud Dolby, premium luxury seats, box seats, IMAX lasers.
It’s like a concert hall.
And the price has become the same as a concert, according to the facility environment.
And the normal price will also be raised.
Opera, classical concert.
Concerts of popular singers, groups and stars.
Along with Kabuki and Takarazuka, roadshow movie theaters have also become more sophisticated.
Masterpiece theaters, where old students go, are almost extinct.
Travel is also called consumption.
Going to concert halls and theaters is also the purpose of tourism.
Usually, movies can also be watched at home on the Internet, and new movies can now be seen.
Disney releases new movies at the same time they hit theaters.
It’s not a TV broadcast that’s a year behind.
I think I like movies, kabuki, and Takarazuka for the atmosphere of the theater itself.
The excitement of the concert fans together, their hearts synchronized with the excitement.
I want you to sit in a recent premium luxury seat.
Just like the first seat on an airplane.
Keep drinks and food.
In the box seat, some people use smartphones.
Actually, I probably shouldn’t.
When this happens, it’s a theater couch (seat) potato tribe.
With box seats for baseball, box seats for kabuki, and seats for honored guests at the opera house, it’s no wonder movie theaters are like that.
Watching a movie at a theater becomes an event.
Indeed, my cinema visit was a theater tour.
Now that Corona has reached type 5, I want to resume going to the theater again.
I haven’t been to classical music since Corona.
Social reintegration is about to begin.

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Theater Owner
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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