Back to the Future in the newspaper

Recently, when I read the newspaper, I often feel like I’ve read the article before, so I find myself rereading it more often.

I also check out a lot of recorded special programs on TV, but I also watch reruns, so I sometimes feel the same way.

I always check magazines and other media to gather news and information about all kinds of medical information.

It’s normal to come across the same information over and over again, but I feel like I’m time traveling or entering a time warp, like in a science fiction movie.

It feels like you’re meeting your parents from the past or your friends from the future, like in Back to the Future.

At home, I spend most of my time in bed, so I end up falling asleep while watching TV.

I ask myself if this is a dream.

When I was a child, I often had dreams, and even as an adult, I continue to dream about traveling.

Her mother always appears in the background.

Maybe I don’t have the confidence to show my face face to face.

Now, what if there was a scene where I met 28-year-old Yasunari from 40 years ago again?

No matter how much you say it’s for your parents’ sake, taking over and running a bankrupt hospital with debt will probably force them to quit.

No matter how many times I think about it, I still think it was just youthful recklessness and arrogance.

I’m grateful to the staff that I was able to survive until I was 68 years old, but the journey up until this point has not been a safe one.

There were three times that I can remember when I was on the verge of going bankrupt.

There are countless memories of being betrayed, deceived, and things I don’t want to remember.

If I could live my life over again, would I do better this time?

No, one journey in this life is enough.

I no longer have the energy to climb the same mountain twice.

Please give me a break.

Tea at dawn is the blissful time of life.

As I write this diary, I am currently spending time in meditation, confession, or prayer before sunrise.

Seriously, morning is almost here.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/97

Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 173

Dawn Time Traveler

CEO Yasunari Koyama


Posted by beatrice