Polish rice

Yasunari is 5 years old.

In the evening, he stands in the kitchen, holding his mother’s apron and watching her sharpen her rice.

The sound of my mother’s hands, sha, sha, arouses delicious anticipation.

At that time, his parents’ home had a well and running water, and the water from the well was cold and delicious.

After polishing the rice, her mother’s white hands were cold and icy.

Yasunari is 12 years old.

When he gets hungry and goes to the kitchen to see if he has dinner yet, his mother is about to start cooking.

Her shopping basket still contains the usual green onions.

Come to think of it, her mother always used chopped green onions in her cooking.

My mother begins cooking for her in the large kitchen, alongside her maid.

I’m about to grind the rice.

When I looked at my hand, I saw that the metal bowl used to sharpen the rice was light brown in color and slightly dented.

When I asked my mother to replace the old one, she replied.

This she brought with her when she came to be a bride.

I plan on using this bowl until it wears out and has holes.

I’ve been grinding rice in this bowl for the rest of my life.

Until I die.

When my mother answered that, she looked divine and happy.

Lately, I’ve been grinding rice by myself at home.

Buy new rice from towns and villages with facilities.

If you cook 2 cups, which is a lot, you can freeze it as soon as you are done and eat it over 3 days.

When it’s freshly cooked, I like to eat it with salmon roe, cod roe, salmon, and sesame seeds.

After thawing, make ochazuke with burdock tea.

I stopped washing the rice with a small net and went to find my mother’s bowl.

It was still in the kitchen.

Her mother’s kitchen utensils and dishes are still there.

Its dented, tanned aluminum bowl is just as it was half a century ago.

I use that bowl to sharpen the rice, but I’ve given up on sharpening it by hand and use a spatula instead.

My cooking at home solo camping for the vulnerable always reminds me of my mother.

I think the sound of rice being polished is a Japanese rhythm.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99

Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 166


CEO Yasunari Koyama


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