30 years of continuous service

There was a long service award ceremony for the Ginza medical corporation that originated from the Koyama Medical Welfare Group.
We have a 40-year history, and we have one employee who has been with us for 30 years.
He was a radiology technician.
I had my X-rays taken every year.
I must have quietly taken tens of thousands of photos over the past 30 years.
A solid job that protects the lives of precious people.
Medical care is a collection of such professionals.
From now on, the health management of all 14,000 employees of Koyama G will be centrally managed in Ginza.
A close examination of each photo can save lives.
The Ginza clinic has become too small, so they are planning to expand and renovate it, but that will also be a major undertaking.
Medical care grows through progress and evolution.
I think the long service award recipients are the salt of the earth.
He is a person who solidifies the foundation of society and supports it.
As a surprise, I was also given an award as a long-time employee.
I felt like crying and couldn’t lift my head.
It felt like the late Chairman Seido was next to me.
Indeed, he was honored along with his father.
A wide-area award ceremony connecting Shizuoka and 5 locations online.
The management was excellent.
The preparations for the secretariat must have been difficult.
The sense of unity among the staff at the corporation was wonderful and warm.
The souvenir was a set of 100th anniversary Disney cufflinks, tie clip, and pin badge.
Apparently it was ordered from America.
No wonder I’ve never seen it in Japan.
thank you. thank you.
I will be using it for next year’s Freshers Festival.
Mickey from Sherlock Holmes?
Will I be able to become a cute old person?
Bokeh is a gift from God.
I’m not afraid of old age.
Walk through life together with your Koyama friends.
I feel happy because of all of you.
I found a new cream puff shop in Ginza, so I bought 200 of them and handed them out at a celebration.
It’s been years since I’ve had cream puffs.
When you are in Ginza, you can discover new things even as you get older.
These days, being jealous of youth has passed away.
I am satisfied with my retirement in Ginza, where I look good in a tie and a chief.
I’m completely satisfied.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/98
Body temperature: 36.3 Blood sugar: 183 I’m about to taste the cream puffs.

40 Years of Service Award Recipient
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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