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Legally, it is called telemedicine, but it sounds like telepathic medical treatment, so here we call it online medical treatment.

Originally, we live in an era where medical data and image data are sent over the internet for diagnosis.

In addition, if you can talk to a doctor via videophone, it should be possible to make an internal diagnosis.

Deregulation is progressing little by little.

This time, day care services and schools have adapted to online medical treatment.

The day service becomes like a quasi-rehabilitation clinic.

Instead, physical therapists should be required for day care services.

Counseling for withdrawn children is provided in the school health room.

Anyway, if students come to school.

Eventually, the smartwatch will measure pulse and blood sugar 24 hours a day, and the data will be sent to the doctor via smartphone.

If an abnormal value is detected, a doctor at a 24-hour medical institution will contact you via smartphone.

An ambulance was sent to the workplace where you are now.

Such an era will come soon.

Online consultations will likely replace medical consultations that only require prescriptions for medications for chronic diseases.

The time has come when customers can purchase drugs online without having to go to a store.

In five years, the shortage of doctors may be resolved.

I want doctors to make more use of their medical knowledge in society.

Looking at recent policies, I think it would be good to have more politicians and bureaucrats with medical school backgrounds.

I would like doctors to be appointed to the position of deputy governor or deputy ward mayor rather than the director of a public health center.

I would like to see the level of medical administration in local governments raised.

From my perspective as a student of public health, I think so.

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