Ever since I was a child, I didn’t like hot baths, and when I was in elementary school, I would scrub myself in the shower with my father every morning.
However, that didn’t make me any stronger, and I often caught colds and was absent from elementary school.
In an attempt to stimulate the skin’s metabolism, I believe that washing to the point of damaging the skin or using excessive amounts of soap may have had the opposite effect, as it actually disinfected the bacteria that protect the body.
My medical knowledge has also changed, including the fact that shampooing my hair three times a week instead of every day won’t damage my hair.
I have also changed my lifestyle, taking hot baths in the morning, applying soap to my hands and avoiding using towels.
This summer, I slept with two futons.
It was because I had turned on the air conditioner so much that it was almost cold.
It’s a stupid thing to say, but I can’t sleep unless the air is cooled.
The warm air makes it hard to breathe.
This is the result of an old man’s lazy life, and what was the point of my elementary school days where I used a scrubber to train my skin?
Apparently, I’m not good at training myself.
We tend to flow in the natural direction that is easy and comfortable.
I try to manage my diet, but there are days when I get tired in the evening and end up going to bed without eating dinner, and watch TV recordings in the middle of the night while eating snacks.
This has become a habit and I am desperate to change it.
I have come a long way from the disciplined and disciplined life I had as a child.
After my mother died, I got used to a lazy life, but now it feels like it’s okay.
There are many times when I feel like I shouldn’t be too picky about trivial things.
Is this just old age or enlightenment?
I was wondering what to do with the vaccinations I receive every year without fail.
Even among doctors, I feel like half of them won’t take the coronavirus vaccine.
Many doctors say they are more worried about influenza this year.
I think I’ll prioritize the flu first.
We’ve been so swayed by the coronavirus that we’ve forgotten that there are even more scary things in the world.
Of course, for me, it’s the ultimate sweet treat.
Whiskey is no longer scary because it has been forgotten.
Japanese sweets, cakes, and cookies that go well with tea are temptations from the demon world.
Lately, it has been a self-deprecating pastime to hand out the sweets I received in their boxes to young employees.
Memories are also revived through scent.
The smell of whiskey once reminded me of a bar I frequent.
Even if I don’t do anything, I feel like I can live on just my memories.

Pulse oximeter 96/97/98
Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 150

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