The era of cloud school

For half of my life, I attended various study sessions every night.
The guest speakers were really diverse, including academics, politicians, bureaucrats, writers, consultants, and artists, which was fun.
He was a pioneering leader of his time.
That’s how people make their debut in new books rather than paperbacks.
So when I go to a bookstore, I first look for new authors in the new books section.
Such people become TV commentators or seminar lecturers.
Become a commentator on a TV socio-economic program.
The opportunity to meet such people directly is at the social gathering after the evening seminar.
There, you can exchange business cards and expand your network.
This is a normal behavior for a businessman looking for a new business, and it’s not my fault.
If I were to force myself to say this, people in the medical and welfare field may be limited to their own world and have no desire to challenge the outside world.
Originally, I was an outsider, and I still feel uncomfortable with the values of the medical and welfare world.
That’s why I think he has the spirit to be at the forefront of the times, unfettered by preconceived notions, and as an instrument of reform.
Due to the coronavirus, meetings such as evening information exchange sessions have decreased, and the number of online meetings has increased, making them more convenient.
A lot of information can now be obtained on the internet, which has become really convenient.
In the era of generative AI, things should progress further.
I welcome the era when I can study and think in this cloud world even if I am bedridden.
But that’s why I want to cherish the opportunity to meet real people.
Even though I watched movies online, I felt that one thing was missing.
I went to the movie theater for the first time in a while and found out.
I go to the movie theater not only to watch movies.
Similarly, they are like-minded people who have gathered at a movie theater to watch the movie.
Young people, couples, old people, nerds, a group of middle-aged women, or a lonely old man.
What kind of people are interested in this movie?
That’s also a factor in evaluating the movie.
In any case, we welcome the era of cloud schools.
But that’s why I want to choose my friends and colleagues and make sure I don’t make the wrong choice.
In addition, its value standards are ideas, ideals, morals, ethics, and philosophy.
I think we will go back to the days when we looked at people based on that standard.
I don’t trust people who say they want know-how or tips.
Ask the generation AI to teach you such things.

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