A friend who can talk about movies

Have friends in your life who are doctors and lawyers.

I would like to add to that saying.

Have a friend you can talk about movies with.

When I was in school, I used to hang out at mystery clubs and sci-fi fandom gatherings.

However, all they talked about was the new movie.

A movie-loving student around that age must have watched at least 200 movies a year.

Even though he made 100 movies a year, he was not recognized as a full-fledged movie fan by those around him.

The reason why I was able to see it so much was that every Saturday there was an all-night triple feature screening.

And on Sunday, we will visit two movie theaters at Meigaza.

Bungeiza, Bungeiza underground, Shibuya front theater, Iidabashi Kousakuza, Otsuka Meigaza, Ginza Namikiza, Iwanami Hall,

And image forum.

Everywhere was filled with the enthusiasm of young people.

After watching a movie, we naturally gather and hang out at a nearby coffee shop.

They hang out for hours over a cup of coffee, and eventually the coffee shop loses its regular customers, and the student group is forced out of the shop.

philosophy and literature.

He passionately talked about learning about art, politics, and history from movies.

Where did that passion go?

Last night, I had a fun evening at a restaurant with people from the movie industry for the first time in a while.

A friend you can talk about movies with is a friend for life.

For me, movies are about the movie fans I meet at the movie theater.

Live music for music fans.

Why is it that just sitting in a movie theater and watching a film becomes a memory that will last a lifetime?

The souls of like-minded people will probably be there.

My soul is not old and dead, but wanders in a movie theater.

If anyone would like to host a party to remember Yasunari Koyama in the future, please invite them to the Premium Theater.

If possible, I would like to request a new premium theater.

The admission fee is a little high.

My images come alive on the screen.

I will not do anything like that.

Play the Star Trek and Star Wars symphonies.

In Dolby.

My soul is leaving for space.

Pulse oximeter 97/96/96

Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 255 Late night bread and chocolate double header

Turning on the power to the walking machine

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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