Movies tell stories

When it comes to favorite novels, it’s hard to talk about. What parts do you like, why do you like them, and are there any shortcomings? Maybe you don’t want to talk about your favorite novel at all. On the other hand, when you watch a movie that moves you, you want to talk to everyone about it. Many people think of movies as something to watch together. If you say you watch several movies alone in a day, some may think you’re pitiful for not having friends. Movies have many elements and are a comprehensive art form. Not only actors but also directors, producers, music, and CG. TV doesn’t generate as much discussion about it. But what about art? There are critics who say art speaks for itself. Paintings cannot be properly understood without knowing the era they were painted or the artist’s life. This is especially true for Christian religious paintings. You have to consciously learn about Western religious paintings. Recently, there have been many commentary books on paintings. There are also books on movies, but they are specialized and expensive. Only enthusiasts or critics are likely to pick them up. When I was young, I read them in the library. Come to think of it, architecture falls into the category of things to read. Photo books are also interesting. But these are also only available in libraries. In Tokyo, there are many art museums that have a large collection of architectural books. When you go there, most people are in the library. The National Art Museum has a library with specialized books. It may be for scholars or students. Going to an art museum is not just about seeing art. In fact, people there are also worth seeing. There are many women, many students, many older gentlemen, and many artist types. The audience creates the atmosphere of the art museum. What about music and concerts? For me, it’s time to sleep. For me, music that induces sleepiness like a lullaby is the best. That’s why I dislike rock music. I prefer Mendelssohn to Bach, and Mozart to Beethoven. What about movies that make you sleepy? For me, that’s desirable too. Being drawn into that world is not just exciting. It’s almost like the pleasure of being hypnotized, forgetting everything. A movie you can sleep through is a good movie. The producers might get angry, though.

Blood sugar: 147 It’s a clear day today, perfect for reading.

CEO of Koyama G, Representative of Thunderbird Yasunari Koyama


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