Aesthetic beauty

Yasunari-kun is a sixth grader.
On Friday and Saturday nights, he stays up reading books until 3 a.m.
He buys coffee beans himself, grinds them, and brews them with a drip.
Then, while listening to classical music, he sits at his desk and reads books.
He seems to have a lot of detective novels, science fiction, and biographies.
I think he longed to think alone in the middle of the night. He admired philosophers and scientists. There may also have been a longing for Sherlock Holmes’ life. Classic ballet and opera.
Kabuki influenced Takarazuka.
A world with a fixed style called classic is reassuring.
He’s not good with rock or folk.
He doesn’t read novels or private novels.
It’s painful and heartbreaking to read them.
The same goes for youth stories.
I don’t want to see avant-garde-like buildings either.
Especially in movies.
Experimental films by student filmmakers give me a headache.
It’s unsettling when the story is not just difficult to understand, but meaningless.
I want them to neatly organize and convince me of the many mysteries and foreshadowing by the end. It’s unbearable for the viewer if the story ends without explanation.
A movie with an unclear director’s intention is not a masterpiece.
I simply think it’s a lack of director’s ability.
I’m no longer young enough to forgive the growth process of young film directors.
I want to choose well-made films to watch.
I look for elaborate scripts, direction, camerawork, and acting.
I think kabuki and ballet represent that. I can somehow understand modern ballet.
Still, I like jazz, which is said to have excellent performances.
Please spare me incomprehensible, immature, self-indulgent art.
It’s like bad cooking. There are limited times to enjoy life.
The same goes for movies and museum visits.
How many more wonderful and moving films and plays can I watch?
I’ve become old enough to count.
This diary is the same. Each day is precious.
It took me 69 years to realize that. The same goes for reading.
I stopped reading indiscriminately and started choosing books.
It’s because my eyesight has declined. Daily interests are 1. Sleep, 2. Meals.
I’m nothing but a self-conscious baby.
That’s the conclusion of years of late-night contemplation.
Now, let’s go back to sleep once more.

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