Peaceful days

Elementary school student Yasunari has finished reading all the biographies of great people in the school library.
What I learned is that the lives of great people can be divided into three categories.
They either wins the war or contributes to peace and becomes a hero.
They becomes a scientist and makes a great discovery.
They secludes himself in the Himalayas or Mt. Koya and abandons the world to train.
What about Yasunari’s life after that?
Thirty years ago, he set up nursing care facilities in mountainous, depopulated areas, and islands across the country.
At that time, I was always curious about the deserted shrines and temples in the area.
It would be great if a group home or day service was opened there.
This is what makes it a modern-day shrine and temple for the troubled common people.
Every day, they clean the temple grounds, fetch water, and slurp porridge.
Every day I go to waterfalls, copy sutras, and sit in meditation.
Lives a life in a Buddhist temple.
Now, at the age of 68, what is Yasunari’s life like now?
Takigyo takes a cold shower every morning.
Every day I take notes on newspapers and reports, copying sutras.
At board meetings and conference meetings, I spend my days in zazen, trying to be still and patient.
gives up alcohol and sweets and eats his sister’s homemade vegetable soup every day.
Even if you don’t want to, like the seven wise men of the bamboo forest, you live a life that escapes the worldly world.
At least, every night I look up at the stars rather than neon lights.
Good Will Hunting starring Matt Damon.
The Equalizer starring Daisel Washington.
Gran Torino starring Clint Eastwood.
A story of a noble man who lives a quiet life.
That’s right, in Japan there was Perfect Days starring Koji Yakusho.
I have to go see it right away.
Meanwhile, Yasunari’s lonely days will continue.
It’s not perfect, but there are days when I wish for peace.
A turbulent life is not what you want, but if you don’t overcome this storm, you won’t be able to reach a quiet port.
It might be the days of bleaching.
Anyway, the morning dawns and the story continues today.

Pulse oximeter 98/99/98
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 175

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