Ginza Honeybee movie production announcement

The activities of the Ginza Honey Bee are well known in local governments across the country.
In Tokyo’s 23 wards, most local governments are engaged in some kind of beekeeping activity.
It has also been incorporated into middle school and high school science classes.
Additionally, in Fukushima Prefecture, the company is involved in the production and sale of agricultural products in collaboration with local governments as part of earthquake recovery and town development efforts.
After hearing that buckwheat flour was having a hard time selling, Ginza Honeybee devised a new product called soba pasta and sold it in Tokyo.
I have also enjoyed it almost every day.
I once held a dinner party in Ginza using Fukushima ingredients.
Such steady activities attracted attention from the media and were featured in many news stories.
CNN from the US has also visited.
When the President of the United States came to Ginza, I once thought that he might come for a visit.
Farming and beekeeping on the rooftops of urban buildings is a global trend, popular in New York and Paris.
Although the activities of the Ginza honeybees have received a lot of exposure in the news, for some reason, until now, they have never been made into a documentary film as a town revitalization drama.
Many documentary films have been made on television about dementia, the elderly, and reconstruction of disaster-stricken areas, but I don’t think there has ever been one like Ginza Honey Bee.
I believe that at the very least, we should preserve some documentary film, and I suggest that the first step is to film the activities.
As a producer of a welfare film, I consulted with a friend who has a lot of experience and asked him to take off his human skin.
Surprisingly, he was able to direct and shoot the movie himself.
I am deeply moved because he is a long-time friend of mine who I respect as a filmmaker.
I think it will start with a long interview with the people involved.
Then, I am one of the targets.
He will be one of the producers and characters.
I will be involved in the production as one of the behind-the-scenes producers.
This role boils down to fundraising.
Many projects raise funds online.
If you are familiar with this path, please help us.
Is there anyone who would like to buy advance tickets?
Once completed, we plan to hold screenings at Koyama G facilities and community centers across the country.
This often happens at screenings of welfare-related movies.
Movies that are played by actors, such as those shown at the Road Show Theater, are projects that are further along.
The script is based on a story based on fact.
I wonder how my role will be cast.
I searched for casting candidates who were the same age as me.
Kevin Costner seems impossible.
Hiromi Go, Sanma Akashiya, and George Tokoro don’t have the same body types.
What about Shiro Sano?
While having fun and daydreaming, I would like to first report that the production team has begun work.
Crank-in is at the end of this month.
Please look forward to it.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99
Body temperature 36.2 Blood sugar 96

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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