Sengoku Castle Lord’s Castle

The Sengoku era castle is really interesting.
The basic design and concept are the same, but the lord of the castle has a clear design concept, and is packed with wisdom to win and survive.
stone wall and moat.
castle tower.
The size and height of the stone wall.
passages and gates.
However, Japanese castles remain only as castle ruins.
Buildings made of concrete for sight-seeing only look hazy and unattractive.
I saw a castle made by CG at that time on TV, and I was really impressed.
The lives of the vassals and the people of the fief are at stake, so it’s only natural.
The current prefecture was created by merging five feudal domains during the Meiji period.
The castle ruins of the Sengoku warlords have become a park and a tourist attraction.
However, as a symbol of regional power, how about building a prefectural office or city hall like a castle on the site where the castle used to be?
The location of the castle was chosen as the core of the region.
In particular, the flow of the river and the distance from the sea are well considered.
I don’t think it is necessary to deliberately create administrative offices in inconvenient locations in order to avoid being accused of wasting taxpayers’ money just because it is a democracy.
Both France and Russia proudly use historic palaces.
It would be nice to build a strong and courageous fortress to protect the people from natural disasters and wars.
I am really afraid of earthquake disasters and war.
When it comes time for elections, they look for leaders they can count on, who are asking for nothing.
I know that there can only be politicians who are worthy of the people.
The post at home is full of beautiful pictures.
Appearance is important, but how can you know what’s inside?

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