Decimal Number

Computers are binary.
Humans live in decimal.
I thought it was because humans have 10 fingers.
I wonder if it’s different.
It’s cute when little kids count on their fingers.
It seems that humans can judge numbers with their eyes in an instant up to 5.
I think it’s because I use the nerves of my five fingers.
Military platoons and sports teams are about 10 people.
It seems that about 150 people can remember people’s faces and names.
Therefore, it seems that the factory manager can easily grasp the employees in a factory with about 150 people.
This is probably why many medical care facilities have 100 beds and 100 people.
There are fewer than one executive can take responsibility for and control.
Therefore, the organization becomes pyramid-shaped.
Thanks to the internet and the online world, a flat organization has become possible.
I feel that Koyama has grown too big and that Yasunari Koyama’s management is no longer adequate.
There are many executives, some are good and some are bad, some are highly capable and some are not.
It would be nice if they could be combined well like the stone walls of Japanese castles, but that is not the case.
If you recall, the organization and business have changed every 10 years.
I have to change my way of thinking.
At this age, every ten years, it’s like rewriting a will.
Tomorrow we will board a boat as a project to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Koyama G Company.
with his parents’ remains.
People who come, people who leave.
If possible, I want to stay here in Koyama.
I want to keep watching Koyama.
with my parents.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/97
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 181

Together with my friends
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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