Non-fiction and fiction

Also, I am now able to go to movie previews.
This is my return to society after escaping from the coronavirus pandemic.
For me, the preview room of a movie company is like the home of a nostalgic friend.
I’m also happy to see movie posters lined up.
I believe that film is a comprehensive art form and a microcosm of historical society.
The film industry is also one of the industries most affected by the coronavirus.
This has had a more severe impact on the management of movie theaters, which are decreasing in number.
The recent strike in the Hollywood movie industry is also an influence.
Director Yoji Yamada’s latest film Hello, Mother'' is heartwarming and warm. Sayuri Yoshinaga and Hiroshi Oizumi play the worldview of Futen's Tora-san. This world view of Tora-san and Madonna is a reproduction of the atmosphere of Japan's downtown area. It may be a fantasy, but the world of Showa memories remains in your heart. Although this is fiction, it is the performance of a real actor. Yesterday's preview was "Gran Turismo" A world of virtual car racing game players. The game was turned into a movie using virtual images full of CG. Recently, this type of movie has become a big hit worldwide. I was worried that this was the world of teenagers and that I wouldn't be able to keep up with an old man in his 60s, but that was not the case and the 2 hours and 15 minutes passed by in the blink of an eye. The footage of the race was so exciting that I couldn't take my eyes off it. This is a film based on a true story and is non-fiction. However, it is a virtual world, with a Matrix-like cyber world and the real world mixed together. The difference between generations is whether or not people naturally have this integrated worldview. When I think of automobile racing movies, I think ofLe Mans" and Grand Prix.'' In addition to the gallantry of F1 racing and the excitement of car racing, movies always depict the human drama of the main character, but this film lacks that. Human dramas such as conflicts and friendships between the main character and his rivals, such as inTop Gun," are almost absent.
Young gamers probably have no interest in it.
I don’t think anything else is needed other than the speed and intensity of the game.
An action movie that’s all about action.
It’s a kung fu movie about kung fu.
A mountain climbing movie with only spectacular views of snowy mountains.
The game/movie based on a young person’s game is all about reflexes and speed.
It’s like playing a thousand knocks at the batting center.
There is no need for human drama.
A drama about victory.
It doesn’t smell like a human, it’s refreshing, and it makes you feel refreshed.
The game itself.
The game is a solitary meditation.
I think it’s Hinayana Buddhism, where a lonely soul connects to the universe.
Is the movie theater a temple of ascetic training?
Experience the real thrill of gaming at the movie theater.
I guess it would be a good idea to cut it that way.
However, I like movies that have a solid framework of history, religion, and ideology.
I learned about the world through movies.
Space, love, fashion, and how to drink alcohol.
movie of life.
Are movie fans who view movies this way now an endangered species?
I’m Iriomote Yamaneko, a movie fan.
But anyway, this movie is recommended for both women and the elderly.
Older people have a different way of viewing movies.
I thought about what reality is in the real world.

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Mahayana Buddhism
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