Tokyo International Film Festival

The Tokyo International Film Festival has ended.
This film festival started 20 years ago at the Roppongi Hills cinema complex.
Twenty years ago, I lived in Roppongi Hills, which had just opened.
At that time, Koyama G’s headquarters were also located in Roppongi.
At that time, I was a schoolboy who thought movies were my life and management was the family business.
During the week of the festival, I bought all the tickets to the festival and watched every movie I could.
However, there were many movies that could only be allowed in the theater for 10 or 30 minutes.
That week, I mainly watched movies, and in between, I worked on my cell phone.
I’ll confess it now, but maybe that’s why I was able to make decisions quickly.
Now that I receive reports via email, things are much easier.
To ensure that you are always available, always choose an aisle seat or the best seats for movies or theater.
Even then, I’ll still watch the movie.
However, I wasn’t able to see any films at this year’s film festival.
That’s how busy I was, and I started traveling for business.
A schoolboy who can’t get used to watching movies online and insists on watching them in theaters.
However, this year was disappointing.
Also, I didn’t know that the Marunouchi Film Festival started at the same time.
If that’s the case, it would be a good idea to hold it at the Tsukiji Film Festival or the Nihonbashi Film Festival.
In any case, I would like to create a place and opportunity for movie fans to gather together.
I would like to have a comfortable seat and be able to enjoy wine, champagne, and ice cream.
I can live with this even if I don’t get a senior discount.
I would also like to see a private glass-walled room built so that parents and children with babies can also enjoy the viewing experience.
Prices are cheap.
The senior fee can be increased accordingly.
It is more important to increase the number of future customers.

Apparently JR Tokai wagon sales have been discontinued.
I’m glad I can’t buy one until the next wagon.
If the number of passengers is decreasing, how about a conveyor belt sushi vehicle or a bar vehicle?
There is a risk of missing the station you are getting off at.
I think Suica sales will rise significantly.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/99
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 158

Movie Train Conductor
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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