A new standard

I don’t even watch sports broadcasts on TV.
Because I don’t know the rules or the team.
Also, I don’t watch the same channel for a long time.
I often check the recording by fast forwarding it.
However, I happened to watch the Japan Men’s Basketball World Cup standings deciding match in Okinawa.
This is a match to win and qualify for the Paris Olympics.
I couldn’t take my eyes off Japan as they made a comeback.
I haven’t felt this emotion since watching the Olympic women’s volleyball championship match on TV when I was in elementary school.
I remembered when they were called the Witch of the East.
Rotation receive too.
It’s hard to resist the excitement of a game where the Hinomaru team comes from behind to win.
It wasn’t until the next day that I started to feel for the feelings of the losing team.
The reason why the Japanese, who are smaller and shorter than foreign competitors, wins is not through willpower.
This is because the strategy was based on 3-point shots taken from far away.
The combination of tall defensive players and smaller speedy players is an obvious tactic, but it was definitely effective.
More than anything, it was amazing that they were able to maintain their enthusiasm and not give up even after the score gap had widened considerably.
I feel the power of the director’s regular guidance.
In such cases, the winning principle is for the manager to believe in the team and not give detailed instructions.
It makes sense that the presence of older players who would otherwise be considered outclassed is typical of Japanese organizations.
Because the team is weak and lacks physical strength, they avoid hand-to-hand combat and hone their three-point shooting skills from a distance.
And take on the challenge boldly.
Whether or not he will be able to reach the goal as intended is another matter.
Koyama G, each corporation and each facility, operates as a single ship and is powerless in the region.
Therefore, Koyama G’s strategy is not just about fighting in the current area, but thinking about strategies three years into the future.
Since each facility is busy with its immediate duties every day, it is difficult to have time to think about Japan’s medical and welfare policies in the distant future.
See and think about Japan as a whole in Ginza.
That location is Ginza.
The management of Koyama G is thinking about Japan’s distant future.
However, how many Koyama G employees understand this?
There may be a few.
Still, as long as they are protecting the local scene, that is enough.
I have a feeling that I will encounter a storm in the distant sea that I cannot yet see.
I fight against that anxiety day and night.
This morning too.
Koyama’s new strategy will become a new standard for Japan.
I believe this and will proceed with the organizational reform of Koyama G.
This week too.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/98
Body temperature 36.1 Blood sugar 207 White rice and rice flour sweets are tempting

No excuses for defeat
CEO, Yasunari Koyama


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