4:16 am

Every morning, at this time, I write out this diary.
When I tapped on my computer, the emergency siren on my cell phone went off and the house shook.
Magnitude 5.4 Chiba/Tokyo earthquake.
Recently, in succession, Chiba, Ishikawa, and also Chiba Tokyo.
Occurred at 4:16.
My birthday is also April 16th, so it can’t be related, but it felt strange.
Humans are caught up in strange coincidences.
I don’t think God sent me any suggestions.
Well, the chase.
Outlook for the medical and welfare industry this year.
It’s dark no matter how you look at it.
Income is guaranteed by medical insurance and long-term care insurance at a fixed unit price, so it is solid in an era of deflation.
Because it is a facility industry, even the electricity bill alone will fall into the red.
The biggest factor is the cost of on-site personnel.
Since the facility staff is also decided, DX also requires capital investment, so it is not possible to reduce staffing.
Robotization like convenience stores and hotels is impossible after all.
Even special care homes, which can only be opened by social welfare corporations, are in the red for a third of the world.
All facilities at Koyama G are in the black, but that is the result of desperate efforts on the ground.
Whether the public believes it or not, the bankruptcy of special nursing homes will be manifested from now on.
Business revitalization will also become a business model for Koyama G in the future.
Money is not what is needed to revitalize the facility.
Employees with determination and courage.
I feel that it is a business of people, people, people.
I am a person too.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 161

Memories of the Great East Japan Earthquake
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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