Social contribution begins with employee contribution

These days, both large companies and venture companies loudly proclaim their contribution to society.
No matter how you look at it, it seems like they’re just promoting a business they started to make money.
Will that attract more investment?
Is it easy to hire staff?
Is it because they don’t get criticized as a black company on the internet?
There are many people who advocate things like SDGs and making the world a better place.
To me, it looks kind of shady.
I’ve seen a lot of evil people who claim to be beautiful.
Tatemae is necessary in every world. (tatemae means ”to put on a facade”)
However, am I the only one who finds the frivolous feel of the words leading the sentence too unpleasant?
Politics, media, and internet claims.
I honestly couldn’t believe it all.
What we want is not the people’s professed theory of justice.
It’s about the true feelings of the person speaking and their way of life.
What’s being said is important, but lately I’ve also been paying more attention to who’s saying it.
Self-defense, attacking others, position talk.
Don’t rely on public opinion to influence your claims.
Lately, I have lost faith in the words and actions of politicians and entrepreneurs.
Is social contribution just a fancy phrase or a fad?
Medical welfare childcare is originally a social security and social contribution project.
Now, I’m too embarrassed to say that I’m contributing to society.
Recently attended a long service award ceremony.
Every time I see the familiar faces of veteran employees, I reflect.
I should look more inside Koyama G than outside.
More than society itself, we should know about the hardships faced by the staff at the facilities.
And also the life of the employee.
Even their families.
My life is also supported by the warm compassion of Koyama’s staff.
I am now their number one customer.
The staff’s customers are patients and users.
My client is a co-worker with whom I have worked together for many years.
The 14,000 employees working at Koyama and their families.
Since we say that we put employees first, I think we need to be closer to them.
Empathy and sharing the hardships together is the first step to communication.
After the coronavirus, I want to visit Koyama G facilities across the country.
Koyama is not a facility building.
It’s about the people of Koyama who live their lives there.
Even just sharing a meal with them gives me a feeling of gratitude and gratitude for having shared the hardships and joys of a long life with the staff.
For the rest of my life, my responsibility as a manager entrusted to me by my father is to be with the staff, even if only for a moment.
Climb mountains and cross the sea together.
My contribution to society is not outside, but within Koyama.
Koyama can be found anywhere in the Japanese sky.
Home is everywhere in Koyama town.
I live with friends and am not alone.
I don’t feel lonely.
I want you to pamper me too.
Employees are family.

Pulse oximeter 94/97/97
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 186

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CEO Yasunari Koyama


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