Yasunari-kun’s era(Kun is a prefex used after the first name often used for young males)

Last night was a wake for a classmate from elementary school.
I rushed to the venue first and left the venue first.
I was afraid to meet my alumni, it was painful.
He was the owner of a famous yakitori/kamameshi chain.
Young master of Ginza, the second generation.
At the head office, I met his wife more often than he did.
In the olden days, the shop was left to the wife, and the husband went out to play with his friends.
Before long, the land for the store was sold to a global brand store, and after that, it was no longer seen in Ginza.
I thought she was playing her favorite baseball game.
He always had a lit cigarette in his hand.
Everyone who died before me was a heavy smoker.
My father always told me that not smoking was the only healthy thing, he always told me.
I once consulted with him about wanting to own a yakitori/kamameshi restaurant.
At that time, he got really angry.
Don`t take the food industry to lightly.
An amateur is not qualified to do it.
At that time, he looked like a playboy to me, but he showed the face of a manager and the pride of a craftsman.
So he made a big impression on me.
In his words, if you want money, don’t open too many shops, make a profitable shop yourself.
Up to 5 stores.
Anything more than that will only require a cashier, the tax office to be noisy, and tax and hassle.
Well, your income as an individual only increases your taxes.
In reality, it must have been the difficulty of managing craftsmen.
The best part about him is that he didn’t make it a franchisee, even if it was a direct company.
Close to 50 stores were set up by his apprentices.
In the old days, it was a goodwill division.
Instead, he set up a meat purchasing cooperative and made the cooperative his headquarters.
Koyama G’s entire organization is affected by this.
Koyama G purchases staff and people, not meat.
The NPO of the Recruitment and Education and Training Center corresponds to this.
Her hairstyle, which was always done with pomade or a hair dryer, looked like she had just gone to the barber shop.
When I went to talk to him, he was in front of the store, dressed in a white workman’s outfit, skewering a bird.
Every day he must have been stabbing hundreds of skewers.
I can see what he looked like at that time.
At his invitation, he was accepted into the Ginza Wakadanna no Kai.
I hadn’t seen him in over ten years.
I am already old enough to retire to Ginza.
His memory is the same as when he was young.
Goodbye, until we meet again.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.7 Blood sugar 265

Yasunari-kun’s Era
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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