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As per the cerebral physiology textbook, I wake up every 2 hours and 30 minutes.
You probably wake up in the transition period between REM sleep and NREM sleep.
The newspaper is distributed online at 2:30, so my work begins at that time.
Delivery was slow today, probably because of the earthquake.
Also, in case of an emergency email, I keep my computer open and placed by my bedside, along with my phone.
Sometimes I feel like I need to go to the bathroom.
I also leave the TV news on.
Dreams are influenced by TV news.
Not just at home.
The Ginza office also has a television set where everyone can see it.
This is because you don’t know where or what kind of news you will find.

This is because both I and the headquarters are responsible for emergency response.
Although I can’t do anything at home or in Ginza, I will check the information by phone and email, analyze it, and prepare a response.
Then, communicate that information to the relevant parties.
Preparing a support system.
A lot of it is the selection of support personnel.
If there is a report of power harassment or sexual harassment, specialized executives will discuss it and fly to the site to interview the employee.
Lawyers and accountants are among its members.
Earthquake disasters begin with analysis of reports from local facilities in Koyama G, but soon Zoom meetings are held with facilities across the country.
Additionally, a liaison meeting will be held with Thunderbird executives.
The entire Koyama G is an army.
The Earthquake Disaster Assistance and Relief Team is the Navy.

The headquarters is the Marine Corps.
This is because a small number of elite people will fly to the location wherever they are.
The Noto Peninsula has poor road conditions, making it difficult to provide continuous supplies.
If it is not equipped with electricity, water, and sewage, it cannot be used as a long-term evacuation center.
I think it would be better to use vehicles that deliver supplies from all over the country to transport evacuees outside the prefecture on the way back.
I know that such a system does not work because it depends on the wishes of the person, the law, and the preparation of the acceptance system, but I think it is necessary.
Hotels across the country have been used as isolation facilities in response to the coronavirus.
All elderly evacuees are also patients and require services comparable to those in nursing homes.
I think that rather than dispatching medical care personnel, evacuees should be accepted in hospitals and nursing care facilities now.

I wrote a draft of the hospital ship concept 10 years ago, and if there were small hospital ships in all prefectures, once the seas had calmed down, they would transport relief supplies and accept evacuees on the way back. I think we were able to send them to hospitals and facilities throughout the prefecture.
A large transport ship with container houses lined up will be waiting offshore.
It is hoped that civilian helicopters, like the one that transported me to Kesennuma during the Great East Japan Earthquake, will play an active role.
No matter how many times we are struck by an earthquake, I wonder if the initial wide-area support activities would be a little quicker and broader-area.
I want the Prime Minister’s office to demonstrate leadership in situations such as these.
This time, the Ministry of Defense and the Self-Defense Forces acted quickly.
The governor of Ishikawa Prefecture was rushed back to the prefecture from Tokyo by Self-Defense Force helicopter.
I think the support from the Self-Defense Forces was immediate.
However, I can’t help but feel that the dispatch of the Self-Defense Forces and the fiscal stimulus are being made one after another.

The old man spends all day in front of the TV exchanging emails, just thinking.
The next one will definitely be the Great Tokyo Metropolitan Area Earthquake or the Tokai Earthquake.
It’s not just about setting up smoke bombs and tents on the roofs of buildings.
How about keeping homing pigeons on the roof?
Ginza Honey Bee is even preparing a care farm in the region.
Currently, they are growing potatoes on a rooftop in Ginza.
The time when it will become a center for homing pigeons will soon be upon us.
A pig that can’t fly is just a pig.

Pulse oximeter 96/97/97
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 156

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