Word of the year

It is the year of the Dragon.
If it’s a dragon, it’s a leap.
If it’s a crocodile, it’s a threat or fight against those who threaten Koyama.
My father, the late Chairman Masamichi, was born in the year of the Dragon.
He was a far cry from the image of a Dragon, but if he were still alive he would be 96 years old this year.
This year’s word is tax.
I have little interest in taxes.
For the past 40 years, I have donated most of my assets to social welfare corporations every year.
Koyama G also changed all medical corporations to corporations with no equity.
As social welfare corporations are established every year, there are several in each prefecture.
Koyama G was established as a local public property and has developed to date.
I want all of you, the members of Koyama G, to carry on that spirit, even if my father is gone, or even if I am gone.
The words I wish for this year on New Year’s Day every year remain the same: bonds and connections.
From my point of view, Koyama G is not a corporate entity, a religion, a consumer’s cooperative, an agricultural cooperative, a mutual aid association, or a health insurance association.
If I had to say, I would say that what we are aiming for is the Lifestyle Citizens’ Union.

A life community of 14,000 people through work that supports people’s lives.
First of all, take care of yourself and your family.
This is why we named our headquarters Healthcare Design Network.
Let’s build our future lives and cities with our will, power, and sense.
Let’s gather some friends for this purpose.
Trust your friends, rely on them, be grateful to them, and move on to tomorrow.
I’ve tried to put that way of life into practice, but things don’t go according to my ideals.
In recent years, as the organization has grown too large, I have become dissatisfied with the abilities and actions of executives, and have often scolded them.
However, my anger has become less powerful and sustainable in recent years, perhaps due to his age.
My younger sister also told me that my personality has become more rounded recently.
I accept it as a compliment.
Last year was a year of emphasis on compliance, with a focus on sexual harassment and power harassment among executives.
What word will you use this year?
It’s love.

The condition for working at Koyama is not ability.
It is a sense of responsibility to protect people’s lives.
And thank you to my colleagues.
Lastly, his love for his subordinates.
I can forgive most things, but I can’t forgive a boss who is heartless towards a young, inexperienced employee.
Many new graduates entering the nursing care world are weak.
There are many weak young people who support others but are unable to support themselves.
But they are my future successors and friends who came to work in medical welfare.
Raising those children is Koyama’s first mission.
If not ability or sense of responsibility, then what?
It’s the same way parents think about their children.
That’s all.
I will become a dragon or a crocodile and defeat a boss who has no love for him.
This year, the meek little boy in the Year of the Sheep will become a father and become a Dragon.
Tomorrow, like every New Year, I will go to Ginza to buy a dragon tie.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 199

Soba and Ozoni New Year’s Day

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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