Another incident of abuse occurred at the Atsugi facility where the murder of a handicapped child occurred.
The operating corporation must have changed, and this time it was recorded by a surveillance television camera.
The staff are professionally qualified.
Thorough measures should have been taken after the incident.
And even though he knows there are TV cameras, he commits violence in front of them.
can’t believe it.
They feel free to commit violence that even causes broken bones in front of television cameras that they know about.
The man himself apparently stated that he was so stressed that he couldn’t take it anymore.
Recently, there have been reports of abuse at daycare centers.
Everyone says they are stressed.
The workplace is under a lot of stress.
Even the installation of television cameras is not enough to control the abuse.
In Europe, there were demonstrations by childcare workers.
In Japan, I don’t want childcare workers to hold demonstrations, but I’m starting to worry.
Has the patience of the Japanese people and the pride of ethical professionals reached their limits?
Was it simply that the reality of the facility, which had been kept in the dark and unknown, was exposed?
I think there was a lot of abuse in elderly care in the past.
Now, with the attention of society, things have improved considerably.
Facilities for the disabled may be the future.
Reports of childcare facilities and parental abuse are also concerning.
It would be good if it was reported by the media and the process of correcting society.
Children with disabilities require the efforts of both nursing care and childcare.
This places a heavier burden on staff.
I think human dignity is at stake.
I think society is headed in a bad direction that we can’t afford.
Don’t give up and accept reality.
Without ethics and dignity, this work cannot continue.
myself too.

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