Theater tickets as a return gift

The era has shifted from consuming things to consuming things.

We live in an era where people are interested in traveling not only to see the scenery and festivals, but also to experience and participate in the local culture.

Tokyo’s charm is its culture and art.

Art museums, museums, concert halls, movie theaters, etc.

I pointed out in this diary that hometown tax payments are good for enriching local areas, but to that extent, taxes from Tokyo’s tax brackets are flowing to local areas.

I don’t think the mayor is reading this diary, but my proposal has come true.

In Tokyo’s Chuo Ward, he was in charge of distributing Kabukiza and Meijiza tickets as return gifts for hometown tax donations.


Did someone deliver my proposal to the mayor?

No, it was probably an obvious thing that anyone could think of.

But I wonder if the residents of Chuo Ward, who already have a resident card, will be angry.

I wonder if there will be any complaints from residents asking for free theater tickets to be distributed to residents as well.

What would happen if other local governments bought up Takarazuka tickets and used them as return gifts?

If so, how about movie tickets?

However, this may not apply as it can be used anywhere.

In Chuo Ward, Ginza Clinic would offer premium dog tickets, but this seems to be considered inappropriate as well.

Regional reconstruction.

It may be a selfish idea to try to make your own town more prosperous than others.

Well, tonight I’m going to the opera with the Ginza staff.

This is also part of the staff’s emotional education.

I wonder if this is too pushy.

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Phantom of the Opera

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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