Live 1 day in the cyber world

Last Sunday was a fulfilling one.
However, one day, I was stuck in my bedroom.
The first is the Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi.
Concerts can also be viewed online.
I checked the list of organizations with booths at the venue.
Schools, recruitment agencies, Vietnamese restaurants.
Let’s get in touch at a later date.
Next is the alma mater, high school cultural festival and reunion.
It is a metropolitan mammoth high school and has a long history.
You can also watch the event online.
Cameras will also be installed at each venue.
Finally, students and teachers from the university where I am a visiting professor came to visit Koyama G’s nursing home.
By now, I would have flown into the facility, but online, greeted and answered questions.
I was sitting in front of the computer camera in the pajama suit I received as a birthday present. I spent the day right under the cooler without moving.
Easy, limitless.
If it was before corona, I would have watched the first movie in the morning and participated before moving.
It used to be active.
Now, like the Phantom of the Opera, he is hiding alone in a room and suddenly appears on the screen.
Also, instead of being able to go to the movie theater, I watched a lot of trailers and movie introduction sites on the Internet.
The movie life seems to be over with just the trailer.
There are also many movie critics on the internet.
Movies have become one of the genres of YouTubers.
It’s not difficult, it’s not a movie review magazine.
Nor is it Nagaharu Yodogawa.
Commentary to say that I am enjoying the movie so much.
Recently, self-expressions such as “I’m shining, I’m having fun, I’m delicious, and I’m interesting" are prevalent on the Internet.
I don’t think it’s a good idea to make a difficult or arrogant critique, but as a listener, it can be tiring to send out only your own sensibility.
I also want history and intelligence in the commentary.
What will you do with your own pleasure?
Ah, the old man’s anger, loneliness, or envy.
Confinement also requires patience and self-restraint.
Maybe I’m still young

Pulse oximeter 97/98/97
Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 207

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Yasunari Koyama


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