Integrated medical care and nursing care

Thirty years ago, there was a debate between nurses and care workers.
How do you position the relationship between the two?
Nurses argued that caregiving is part of nursing.
The assistant nurses were also not recognized as nurses, so I think that nursing care was positioned like a nursing assistant.
The nurse drew a small circle within the large nursing circle, and seemed to think that it was nursing care, part of nursing.
I drew a picture of a mountain like Mt. Fuji, with life care up to the 5th station, nursing care up to the 8th station, and medical care by doctors above.
I couldn’t get the consent of the nurses at the time, but I still think the positioning is correct.
There are people in the world who think that the medical welfare facility system can be distinguished and discriminated like a school, like elementary school, junior high school, and high school.
There is certainly a difference in the body and knowledge of the students, but the value of the teacher who provides them is the same.
There is no difference in ability and salary between high school teachers and elementary school teachers.
However, there is a big difference in income in medical care.
Doctors are at the top, followed by nurses, paramedical staff, and nursing care.
We think that it is possible to operate facilities at lower costs than hospitals by changing the qualified personnel according to the facility, thereby differentiating personnel expenses.
In terms of education, elementary schools are of a lower level than high schools, and no one thinks that low salaries are enough for teachers.
But no one doubts that we make a distinction between medical and long-term care in order to differentiate the costs of medical and long-term care facilities.
Is it possible to separate medical care and nursing care for one person’s life support?
We live in an era where life expectancy is increasing, heavy nursing care is a pandemic, and everyone needs medical treatment.
Separating the provision of medical care and nursing care at a facility would rather require manpower and costs.
I think the same problem is happening in the pharmaceutical industry.
Someone please convince me that the current policy is correct and that my question is wrong.
Is there anyone here?

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