Sushi Nouvelle Cuisine

We welcomed customers from Kansai at a sushi restaurant in Ginza.

I usually sit at the counter, but if I’m with other customers, I ask for a private room.

Sushi is good because you can eat it quickly at the counter.

The fun of being at the counter is being able to ask about today’s lively fish on the spot and choosing your favorite until the very end.

But when it comes to meetings and customer service. The course will be served in a private room.

That day, like a kaiseki course(A Japanese cuisine course with a menu based on one soup and three dishes.), small dishes were served one after another, and the most important sushi never came.

With this, I was full before eating sushi.

At this point, I was worried that I would only be able to eat about 7 pieces of sushi, and the sushi was finally brought to me.

It’s exactly seven pieces.

As expected.

The order, timing, and amount of food served are very well thought out.

The atmosphere is different from the atmosphere of a sushi restaurant where you sit at the counter and have a conversation with the chef.

It’s more like a sushi kaiseki meal than a sushi restaurant.

The order in which the dishes are served is excellent, like a Chinese course or a French course.

New dish sushi kaiseki.

Including the dessert, I thought this was the Nouvelle Cuisine of sushi.

It’s a revolution in French cuisine that was popular when I was in my 20s.

French cuisine had the image of heavy sauce dishes.

However, by incorporating Japanese cuisine, the menu has changed to light and healthy ingredients.

Japanese cuisine with sushi, kaiseki cuisine.

Perhaps it’s because of foreign tourists who have become rich due to the weak yen.

I’ve heard that foreigners sometimes mistakenly believe that a Japanese restaurant can serve anything from sukiyaki to eel to sushi.

The entire course maintains the atmosphere of Japanese cuisine, but all seem to be new dishes.

The more established a dish is, the more it evolves as a taste of the times.

It’s only natural that the same goes for inbound Ginza.

Is there a medical nouvelle cuige?

Medicine is a science, and progress is a given.

However, the medical system is criticized for being outdated.

I think the customer’s insight is also being questioned.

It reminded me of a strange person.

This is also because they feel that reform of the existing medical system is required.

Learn about the trends of the times in Ginza.

Ginza is the first place where both domestic and foreign winds enter.

The night wind was also getting colder.

Pulse oximeter 97/97/97

Body temperature: 36.6 Blood sugar: Unable to measure due to Libre disorder

End of the Year

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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