The 40th start

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the rebuilding of an emergency hospital in Ginza.
The new year is also the 40th time.
As a manager, the new year will be the 40th time.
As the founding owner, it is a one-man management itself, but recently there have been fewer things I want to do.
I’ve lost interest in anything other than the employees’ lives and their happiness.
Also for world peace. Japan’s finances too. Also in medical welfare reform.
I don’t think I’m selfish, but I’ve become less interested in others and less meddlesome.
I’m worried about my future, but I’ve come to think that it can’t be helped.
Rather than planning for the next fiscal year, I’m all about how I’m going to spend the day today.
Check the news in newspapers, on the Internet, or on TV.
I check the contents of the TV for 20 hours every day.
Just record and scan.
At 2:30 a.m., I start my day by reading a newspaper delivered online.
No, before that, I replied to a business email.
like today.
Heat a bath every morning and take a short bath.
Yesterday, I cooked 1 go of rice and ate half of it with furikake.
It’s fun to sharpen rice.
It’s probably because it’s a small amount of work.
It is directly related to taste.
I guess that’s what I call daily fun.
Half this morning, I’m going to make sea bream chazuke.
There are many kinds of medicines, so be careful not to forget to take them.
Schedule a TV recording before going out.
Surprisingly, it takes time.
I watch movies on TV that I saw in theaters when I was younger.
I have little emotion.
After all, movies are different depending on the viewing environment and the times.
I’m watching to make sure.
I heard that there is a TV that can record for an entire week, but I don’t want to buy it.
Even if there are programs that you forget or cannot record due to time overlap, you will be convinced that this program is destined to be recorded when it is rebroadcast next time.
In bed, iPhone in hand, surfing YouTube, I fell in love with Michael Jackson.
I noticed that most of his fans in the theater scene were white.
Elvis and Michael are the greatest of American tastes.
I usually feel fresh in my daily life that I don’t notice.
These are the days when my head can only work to this extent.
As we get older, we become less interested in new things.
I think this is because my time in the day is precious.
With age, humanity becomes hotter, but the in-laws don’t care.
In fact, there were fewer funerals for acquaintances.
There is also the reality that there are fewer seniors who feel in-law.
Such a non-progressive, introverted Sunday may be unhealthy.
In the old days, Saturday was cinema day and Sunday was museum day.
I was looking forward to visiting the Hibiya Library during the daytime on weekdays.
Tired of living in seclusion, spring bugs may be wriggling.
Fragments of daily mental images are lovely.
Don’t be yourself, discover a new you.

Pulse oximeter 98/97/97
Body temperature 36.3 Blood sugar 155

Unchanging Days
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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