Make the most of seniors

Anthropology is interesting.
One of the reasons for the prosperity of humankind is that males devoted themselves to hunting, while females devoted themselves to childcare.
More than that, I think it’s because seniors are responsible for childcare.
disaster or war.
In any case, when a crisis hit, they passed on their past experiences to the family, gave them guidance, and survived.
Writing was invented, history, knowledge, and technology were passed down in the form of books, and human wisdom developed and spread.
Now, what should we do about the upcoming Noto earthquake?
We have experienced the Great Hanshin Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake in the past.
The current task force does not seem to be directed by experienced politicians or administrative personnel.
Administrative personnel with past experience will have already retired.
I would like to speak out loud and call out to the world.
In the past, people with a strong heart saved many lives by overcoming hideous and unforgettable hardships.
I want him to return to the front line once again.
Koyama G also dispatches a support team to Noto as part of Thunderbird’s first investigation team.
Nurses and physical therapists will also be included as members, and will prepare not only for emergency response, but also for long-term health support for the elderly.
Introducing online medical treatment to evacuation centers.
The leader of the survey team is a veteran nurse who survived the Chuetsu Earthquake and the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Dear seniors in the world, your experience will save many lives.
We need veterans with a history of war now.
Experienced administrative personnel.
Please feel free to speak up.
I would like to be able to give advice to my junior colleagues without having to go there.
It’s good to express your opinion online.
I would also like to eliminate false opinions and information on the internet.
That too is necessary.
I want the government, prefecture, and administration to do more to publicize themselves.
Media coverage also tends to be reserved.
I’ll raise my voice.
Even with an old, hoarse voice.
Feel free.

Pulse oximeter 98/98/98
Body temperature 36.3 Blood sugar 158

Old soldiers never leave

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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