Earthquake disaster prevention training

The regular board meeting in May has ended.
It’s been 1 years since I’ve been in the fight against Corona.
From now on, new battles will begin.
In the world of medical care, nursing care, and childcare for the elderly, we are prepared to continue on forever.
In the fight between humanity and infectious diseases, clusters will occur as the population increases and population density advances.
by a new, advanced virus.
I feel a new need for infectious disease beds and public health.
Regarding measures against COVID-19, attention was focused only on the improvement of the medical system and the management by the government and public health centers.
I think that the administration and facilities had the harmful effects of vertical division.
I don’t think that the on-site cooperation will proceed automatically from the 2nd to the 5th category.
I would like to expect a policy change in the integrated medical and nursing care reform next year.
In the private sector, we are more focused on medical and welfare training and academic societies.
In addition, personnel changes will also be integrated.
Originally, Koyama G started from a hospital, so seniors of nursing homes were moved by people with medical experience.
Hospital nurses go to elderly health care, to group homes, and eventually to special nursing homes.
Now, executives of welfare corporations are moving to medical corporations.
Specifically, online medical treatment will connect medical care and nursing care.
It increases blood vessels and nerves in Koyama G.
We will also review the content of this fall’s disaster prevention drills.
Assuming a corona infection in the disaster area, conduct response and cooperation training.
Those who can go fly to the site.
Carry all supplies.
The emergency rapid support system is obvious.
Build a system for life guidance for chronic diseases in long-term disaster areas.
Engage in as much medical care as possible online to a local facility that has become a shelter.
Both pharmacists and nutritionists will participate.
After that, secure the communication network.
In the event of an earthquake disaster, Tokyo will be cut off from the countryside, and it will take time to recover.
Could you connect me to the communication network of the municipality?
I want more satellite communications.
I want you to increase the number of private satellites so that they can be used.
Is it possible to create a dedicated communication satellite?
In the puppet show Thunderbirds, No. 5 received rescue communications from all over the world with a communication satellite.
I want to raise funds to launch a real Thunderbird 5.
The time will come when automobiles will become mobile communication stations.
If so, I think it’s possible to take the train.
Is it possible to divert rails to a communication network?
There may be legal restrictions.
I want deregulation here.
If so, you can accept the price increase.
NHK’s disaster priority net news may also be permitted.
It’s an amateur nonsense, but here, the lives of the staff who go to support are also at stake.

Pulse oximeter 97/98/98
Body temperature 36.8 Blood sugar 139

Health Care Design Network Founder
CEO Yasunari Koyama


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