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Yasunari-kun (kun is a prefix used for young males) is a university student.

On weekends, I hang out in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho and Golden Gai.

Aspiring writers, directors, and actors gather there.

They call themselves the remnants of the revolutionary fighters of the student movement.

I supported citizens’ movements against war and environmental issues.

No matter how I looked at the former student sitting at the counter next to me, crying to the point of being drunk, I thought that he was not cut out to be a revolutionary fighter.

From the beginning, I was a soft and peaceful citizen who was known as a non-political person, aiming to become the wise man of the bamboo forest.

The same is true now.

Shinjuku was also a hangout for student theater.

Directors and actors who would go on to become big names came for drinks.

At any bar, the drinker next door suddenly becomes your best friend.

But after that, it becomes a battle to sell theater tickets and concert tickets.

He says he has tickets to his friend’s performances and concerts.

Of course I have to buy it.

At the time, Yasunari-kun thought that movies would be more interesting, but he ended up buying a ticket for his drinking buddy next door.

For some reason, he always says that he only has one piece left.

He says he wants to give it to you.

That’s not possible.

I know that the person sitting behind the counter at a bar in Shinjuku, drinking a Suntory white, is not rich.

At that time, all of my theater friends were working part-time jobs and immersing themselves in theater.

He must have never attended a class.

There were also 7th graders at Waseda University.

Even if you are told to come, even if you just pay the ticket, you end up giving the ticket to someone else.

Yasunari-kun may have had an evil desire to resell it, but he never succeeded.

In other words, selling tickets costs money and time.

When I ask female students for advice, they usually invite me to a coffee shop and gingerly pull out a pamphlet or ticket from their bag.

Yasunari-kun wanted to go out for drinks as soon as possible, so he bought the ticket without hesitation.

How many pieces did you buy?

Even if he went to the stage on the weekend, he might have been drunk and asleep.

Everyone was overacting and screaming.

There’s no way it’s funny.

Only Macbeth, a small-time citizen, appears.

Perhaps because of my memories of those days, I suddenly find myself in a meeting as Hamlet or Romeo in Shakespeare’s play.

She screams all the time.

Someone please stop it.

What did you want to say?

Selling tickets takes time and money.

The cost of coffee at a coffee shop, transportation costs, and time.

This means less time for part-time work.

I was a good sponsor even back then.

That’s how I got to know art, theater, and movies.

He loved young people with no talent or money, just dreams and ambitions.

I was always in the audience, not on stage.


I was conscious of my own lack of talent.

Instead of trying hard, buy a book and read it.

Buy a ticket and watch a stage movie.

Well, it’s easier for the rich audience.

But we also need a role that loves and encourages young people who are dreaming.

What sticks in my memory now is my sister and her boyfriend right in front of me, desperately trying to buy tickets for my sister’s stage performance or a movie directed by her boyfriend.

Why did I remember this?

The issue of politicians’ party tickets has been making headlines in the media lately.

Many secretaries come to my office with party tickets for politicians.

If it’s a party for a politician who understands medical welfare, I’ll definitely buy at least two tickets.

I would say that’s the worst.

The secretary and the people in the support group spend a lot of time and money.

You cannot apply online.

There may also be money that is used for visiting expenses and souvenirs for which receipts are not written.

That being said, politicians who force invoices cannot be tolerated.

How about allowing more allowance for entertainment expenses in tax applications?

In the past, writers and medical practitioners were allowed to declare 75% of their expenses.

It would be different now though.

How about allowing 10% of political funds to be secret expenses without receipts?

Like Cabinet Secretariat secret funds.

It’s better than getting a back kick from a construction company.

Now, from now on, I think I’ll only need to buy two tickets at most for a politician’s party.

Ticket sales are the same for both.

For the favorite actor.

For my respected teacher.

You buy the sincerity of people who come to help others.

For those who have money.

I have no interest in actors or directors.

I like the fictional world on stage.

More than the ugly and painful reality.

That’s why, even at this age, I still go to Disney and movie theaters.

Now, the day to take a bath and face the real world begins.

No, I made a mistake.

Today is Sunday.

It’s the day to watch a movie on TV.

Not on Sunday.

It reminded me of a Melina Mercouri movie set in Greece.

My thoughts lately have been rambling.

Life is a stage. The city is a theater.

When I was drunk, I was yelling about such things.

On the streets of Shinjuku late at night.

Pulse oximeter 95/97/98

Body temperature 36.4 Blood sugar 171 Late night Anpanman bread

Old Hamlet

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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