Do you know Boccia?

Until recently, I didn’t know about the sports competition called boccia.

Similar to curling.

Rather, I thought the rules were similar to the back alley marble games I used to play when I was a child.

Yasunari was no good and was always playing the role of the neighbor’s children.

Poccia originated in Europe and is an official Paralympic event.

In Japan, disabled children in wheelchairs participate on teams, but so do healthy people and the elderly.

It seems to be widespread in elementary schools across the country.

The national tournament was recently held in Tokyo, and NHK is broadcasting it nationwide.

Due to the introduction, Koyama G became the sponsor of the national tournament.

The other sponsors were all well-known large companies, but I accepted them because I thought they were appropriate for Koyama G’s medical welfare.

I served as a special judge and the presenter for the special award.

In the past, we have supported the Special Olympics.

There was a time in the past when an old man’s game called gateball was popular all over the country, but at some point it stopped being played.

Pocha is a competition for children.

Really lively and bright.

The team strength that supports Team Imeto, who is handicapped in a wheelchair, is real.

Speaking of how excellent the team leader is, I wish he would have been the team leader at Koyama G.

Just the sight alone was impressive.

It would be difficult to tell them to select the winning team.

I often think of the idea of offering everyone a special prize for their participation.

Sports-related organizations have suggested that we create an employee boccia team at Koyama G, but unfortunately it seems difficult.

As usual, we decided to focus on supporting elementary school teams across the country and sponsoring the national tournament in Tokyo.

This year as well, we will be sponsoring the Tokyo Games.

The rules of the competition are complex and cannot be understood unless you study them.

In that respect, it is similar to curling.

Each member pitches one by one, but the leader’s ability to direct operations as a team stands out.

And teamwork to throw sacrifice hits.

It will make both the team members and the audience cry.

There was drama in every match.

We would like to support the national qualifying round in areas where the Koyama G facility is located.

We will send ball sets for ball games to facilities that would like to try out the actual games.

A 10 meter ✖️ 6 meter indoor ball field is required.

Are there any facilities that can provide a place to practice?

Donate whether it’s to fund a tournament trip or to buy uniforms.

Find a local elementary school team and contact them.

You can meet energetic and caring children.

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Body temperature 36.6 Blood sugar 166

Marble Boy Yasunari

CEO Yasunari Koyama


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